domingo, 5 de octubre de 2008

the duskfall-dicografia(death melodico)

The band was formed in 1999 when guitarist Makael Sandorf, split-up from their previous melodic death metal band Gates of ishtar and shortly afterwards the band was created. Initially the band would go under the name Soulash, until changing it in 2001 to The Duskfall. Although line-up changes would hamper the band at first when band members Tommi Konu and Urban Carlsson departed, they would quickly fill the vacant slots with drummer Oskar Karlsson (from the later period of Gates of Ishtar) and bassist Kaj Molin. Soon after, the band would record and release their demo entitled deliverance in 2001.

In 2002, Duskfall released their debut album frailty, which was produced by daniel berstrang. After the release of Frailty, Joachim Lindbäck would join the band on guitar. The final product was 2003's source which was recorded at Daniel Bergstrand's Dug Out Studios. Duskfall would suffer more departures in the form of members Joachim Lindbäck and Kaj Molin. Eventually the band would recruit Antti Lindholm on guitars and Marco Eronen on bass. With the new additions, Duskfall would focus on recording their third studio album,liftime supply of built.

The Duskfall completed their latest album the dying wonder of the world, which was released on october 26, 2007.

A statement on the official website dated August 4, 2008 confirms the band has decided to quit, following the departure of main songwriter and founder of the band Mikael Sandorf:





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